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  • Maintenance Supervisor

    Knowledge and Experience:

    • Minimum 2 years vehicle maintenance repair supervisory experience in heavy duty truck or bus, transit bus desired
    • Must be computer literate with intermediate Word and Excel experience
    • Must be able to perform Maintenance Q/C audits and inspections
    • Experience with Dossier systems work order, Labor compliance and data/informational retrieval desired
    • Provide experience as the Maintenance Supervisor
    • Must be flexible and able to work in a 24/7 operation



    • Excellent planning and leadership abilities
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    • An eye for detail
    • Ability to make decisions, manage change, motivate, delegate, and manage time


    Key Accountabilities:  

    • Access shift workload and assigns work to Technicians.
    • Monitor Technician workflow, update bus ready list.
    • Work with vendors performing warranty and contract work on the property, ensure documentation and Q/A work performed.
    • Ensures compliance with vehicle manufactures maintenance requirements, State and Federal regulations governing and Keolis Rules and Regulations.
    • Perform Q/A inspections on completed work to verify compliance with all maintenance policies and procedures.
    • Review all work orders for proper posting of parts and completeness including Technicians work time and notes.
    • Adjust work assignments throughout the shift as needed.
    • Perform Counseling of Technicians and discipline administration.
    • Closeout shift, interface with the next shift Supervisor
    • Perform other duties as assigned.
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