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  • Director of Digital Strategy

    Posted: 08/06/2020

    About the Role
    As the director of digital strategy, you will lead and maintain the creative and long-term
    strategic development and implementation of the LBJ Presidential Library and LBJ
    Foundation's digital and social strategy. Areas of work include, but are not limited to, content,
    social media, design, digital marketing, email marketing, brand management, research and
    analytics, and website development and user experience. This role is also responsible for the
    supervision of the library and foundation's digital team's output and performance and annual

    Essential Responsibilities
    Implement the library and foundation's social media strategy (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,
    YouTube, Giphy, etc.), including creating and curating content and visual assets for a 365-day
    content calendar, paid advertising, and campaign executions, as well as community
    management, moderation, and reporting for all platforms.
    Oversee with the Communications Director the execution of the library and foundation's email
    communications, including various department monthly newsletters, event promotions and
    invitations, donor campaigns, and retail marketing campaigns.
    Lead the long-term strategic development and daily management of the library and
    foundation's websites (lbjlibrary.org, lbjlibrary.net, lbjfoundation.org), the library's digital archive
    (discoverlbj.org), as well as for as-needed microsites in relation to events, online exhibitions,
    fundraising campaigns, and more. Also, act as the liaison and lead for any outside web
    projects with various external digital agencies and vendors.
    Working with the library’s communication’s director, develop and implement online marketing
    and promotional plans targeting diverse audiences to increase outreach, sales, and
    attendance for a variety of library and foundation events, education programs, exhibitions, and
    Lead and maintain the library and foundation's visual presence and brand identity across all
    online products and platforms as well as for all major events, general advertising, and
    marketing campaigns.
    Oversee the execution of multimedia projects, including virtual programming, live event
    streams, podcasts, and more, with implementation duties divided amongst this role and other
    digital team members as well as in coordination with other library and foundation colleagues.

    Additional Duties

    Copy edit and proofread communication releases, donor campaign materials, and other as-
    needed promotion materials

    Liaison or provider of digital archival resources, including photos, video, and audio, for media
    and/or partner organizations

    Skills and Experience
    • 5 years of professional experience working in a digital/social media capacity
    • Complete proficiency with digital media practices, tools and platforms and social
    • A keen understanding of how digital strategies are applied to public relations and
    engagement and knowledge of digital trends
    • Exceptional written, verbal, and especially visual communication skills
    • Excellent editorial skills with a sound understanding of writing for the web and
    social media, and engaging online audiences
    • Demonstrated creativity and documented immersion in social media (Give links to
    profiles as examples)
    • Excellent knowledge of a range of applications and software including social media
    platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp, YouTube, LinkedIn), content
    management systems, and image-editing software
    • General knowledge of SEO best practices
    • Working knowledge of Adobe CS: Photoshop Illustrator, InDesign
    • Functional knowledge and/or personal experience with WordPress
    • Knowledge of web programming languages (HTML, CSS) and basic programming/
    coding skills
    • Website maintenance and graphics updates
    • Good technical understanding and ability to pick up new tools quickly
    • Strong interpersonal skills
    • Proven experience in project and time management
    • Ability to set direction for, manage and delegate to a team
    • Ability to respond quickly to changing priorities
    • Willingness to work weekends and holidays for content for social media postings
    and website updates when necessary
    • Ability to be flexible and open and work well with others

    To apply for the position, please submit a cover letter and resume to

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