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    The Security Officer reports directly to the Manager, Security.  This position is responsible for providing all law enforcement-related services and is required to be a licensed Law Enforcement Officer with Austin Police Department.


    Note: The duties and primary responsibilities below are intended to describe the general content of and requirements of this job and are not intended to be an exhaustive statement of duties.?

    •    Patrol assigned area by vehicle or other means.  Respond to emergency situations. Administer emergency medical care.  Direct and reroute traffic around fire or other disruptions. Investigate unusual or suspicious conditions, traffic accidents or complaints.  Issue traffic citations. 
    •    Provide protection for transit property.
    •    Write reports on investigations, offenses, arrests and activities. Prepare probable cause affidavits, books and guards prisoners. Questions suspect.
    •    Contact and assist the public.  
    •    Testifies in court.  
    •    Disperse unruly crowds.  
    •    Perform surveillance of businesses or citizens.  
    •    Sets up tactical positions and emergency response for special missions.  
    •    Operate data terminal. Communicate by radio and monitor transmissions. 
    •    Report problem areas and facilitate solutions. 
    •    Enforce federal, state and local laws.  
    •    Support Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Safety Management Systems (SMS) process by following safety and security policies, considering safety in every action and reporting safety and security concerns.

    This position is identified as a safety-sensitive position. An employee in this position is required to participate in the Employer’s testing program for prohibited substances.  Participation in this program is a condition of employment with Capital Metro.  A safety-sensitive employee is randomly tested for prohibited drug use or alcohol misuse while the employee is performing safety-sensitive functions; just before the employee is to perform safety sensitive functions; or just after the employee has ceased performing such functions.  


    •    One (1) year active service in the Austin (TX) Police Department as a Police Officer.
    •    Currently employed by Austin Police Department under current agreement with Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (CMTA) to provide such services.
    •    Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Education (TCLEOSE) Requirements, Sec. 211.80 Minimum Standards for Licensing.
    •    Valid and current Class C Driver’s license.


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