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  • Demand Response Control Center Service Coordinator II


    CapMetro is looking for someone who is responsible for demand response service delivery to include ADA Paratransit MetroAccess service, and on- demand Pick-Up services to ensure operations are on-time, safe, productive, and efficient for over 200 vehicles in peak service, serving over 2,400 daily passenger trips.  The position requires rapid schedule and trip data review to make sound decisions on routing, responding to vehicle operators on the road, customer inquiries.



    Note: The duties and primary responsibilities below are intended to describe the general content of and requirements of this job and are not intended to be an exhaustive statement of duties.?

    •   Proficient with pre-day and same-day dispatch functions using computer-aided dispatch and scheduling software (CASD), on-demand APP-based transportation software, vehicle locator software, radio systems, on-board video, front-line operator feedback systems, and emergency notification systems.
    •   Consistently contacts vehicle operators to update schedules and documents. 
    •   Directs vehicle operators, road supervisors and maintenance personnel to ensure prompt and efficient delivery of demand response services with minimum service interruptions with high quality customer service, high productivity, and financial efficiency. 
    •   Documents and codes service interruptions, schedule changes, and service incidents as a result of customer lates, early requests, vehicle operator lates, and other service interruption incidents
    •   Assists in review of schedules and trip data to make sound decisions on routing and re-routing patron services. 
    •   Handles many data inputs at once to include vehicle operators over the radio, customer inquiries on the telephone, maintaining a professional calm demeanor. 
    •   Performs duties in a safe, efficient manner and in compliance with all applicable rules and safety procedures.
    •   Coordinates with multiple demand service provider staff to proactively identify and resolve issues.
    •   Document performance and maintain related records accurately.
    •   Promptly and accurately report Service and Safety Concerns reported from operators or road supervisors. 
    •   Develop scheduling templates to maximize productivity and cost efficiency. 
    •   Conduct schedule process using CASD tools to meet customer service demands. 
    •   Scan runs pre and same day schedule to help ensure service optimization, cost efficiency, and on-time performance.
    •   Distribute final reports for next day service that allows the service providers to ensure proper operator coverage to meet the customer demand.  
    •   Process Subscription Trip ride requests. 
    •   Arrange and maintain Subscription Trip templates. 
    •   Process assigned work tasks such as Subscription Trip maintenance, Common Location maintenance, etc. aimed at improving/maintaining KPI objectives.
    •   Investigate complaints /compliments generated from Customer Call Reports
    •   Research cause through CASD, listen and view recordings, interview individuals.
    •   Provide response and/ or resolution plan.
    •   Answer MetroAccess “Where’s my ride Line”, “Cancellations” and “Open Return Line” to create, cancel, and confirm trips for MetroAccess customers, as well as other assigned skillsets and/or phone queues.
    •   Answers Pickup calls from customers and schedule same day reservations using Via software. 
    •   Understand and apply Pick-Up and MetroAccess trip booking policies and rules including conditional eligibility enforcement.
    •   Provides accurate information and outstanding customer service to customers and vehicle operators.
    •   Provides support and general expertise to Customer Service Representative staff.
    •   Support Demand Response initiatives and pilot programs
    •   Support Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Safety Management Systems (SMS) process by following safety and security policies, considering safety in every action, and reporting safety and security concerns.
    •   Perform other duties as required and/or assigned.


    •   High school diploma or GED required.
    •   Three (3) years of dispatch, scheduling, subscription trip processing, customer resolutions, or related experience is required. 
    •   Proficient with same-day dispatch functions using computer-aided dispatch and scheduling software (CASD) to change schedules, enter missed service breaks, code trips required.
    •   Bilingual (English and Spanish) preferred

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